8. – 9. May 2020

The Czech concert and travel agency CTA Prague is organizing an International choir competition as a part of this festival.
Concerts of participating choirs as a part of the festival will take place in chosen churches and halls of the Czech capital.

All registered non professional ensembles and soloists may participate.

Conductors and choirs from all over the world are hearty invited to this international music show.
Prague – our Golden City awaits you.

The Capital Prague Municipal Authorities
The Czech Singing Choirs Union

I.     CHILDREN´S CHOIRS (up to 16 years, at least 20 members)
II.   YOUTH CHOIRS (up to 25 years, at least 20 members)
III. ADULT CHOIRS (at least 16 members)
VI.  INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES                                                                                                                                                                    VII. ORCHESTRAS (at least 20 members))

All participating choirs can compete with another programme in the category IV. and with folk songs in the category V. too.


The competition programme is free of choice.
The competition programme for the category IV. is free (only sacred music).
Also for the category V. is competition programme free, folk songs from all over the world.

The time limit of the competition programme is 12 – 15 minutes.

with the following:
– a short history (10 lines, in English!)
– a good photograph
– recent recording (min. 2 compositions, also live)
– the competition programme (incl. duration) with original componist names
– the copy of the bank transfer

To get registration form, please contact cta@iol.cz

Jury consists of three international recognized professional artists in each category.

The criterions on which the marking will be based are:
1) Technical merit: difficulty, perfection, intonation, articulation, rhythm, phrasing
2) Artistic interpretation: sound of ensemble, stylistic fidelity, interpretation, dynamics and suggestivity.
3) Programme choice

The decision of the Jury is irrevocable. Conductors will receive respective critiques after the end of the competition in writing.

Ensembles willl be awarded marks from 1 to 30. Ensembles with 25 – 30 marks will be awarded in the gold zone, with 20 – 24,9 marks in the silver zone and with 15 – 19,9 marks in the bronze zone. Ensemble with most marks will be announced as a Laureate of the competition.

All ensembles will be awarded Diplomas, the category winners will receive quality cups of the Bohemian crystal glass.
The Festival Laureate is obliged to perform at the final ceremony.

It is necessary to submit at least one score of compositions you will sing to the Jury before your performance.

Competition fee
is € 150.00 per ensemble and category I. – VI. Participation in every another category is 120.00 EUR.

This fee must be received by the current account of the Festival secretariat by February 28, 2020.

Travelling and accomodation costs are at the expense of participants. The office of the accomodation organizer is at your entire disposal to make your travel arrangements (see please registration form).

Festival fee
Attention, please! EUR 30.00 per person is relevant to the foreign choirs, which do not book stay programme and accomodation through the festival organizer.

estival badge
(which includes programme book too) authorizes entry to all festival events and to the closing festival programme. Obligatory for all participants. Price EUR 6.00 (it is already included in our stay prices).

We look forward to meet you in Prague!

Michal Švarc, festival manager


Thursday, May 7

6 pm OPENING FESTIVAL CONCERT -Zamecek Castle Concert Hall

Friday, May 8
2 pm FESTIVAL CONCERT – st. Nicholas Church, Old Town Square

8 pm “Prague by Night” Vltava River Boat trip with life Music

Saturday, May 9
9 am COMPETITION – Prague Conservatory Great Hall, Prague 1